The Black Stig is Back!?

News : February 9, 2009

It has long been thought that the Black Stig was killed off when he dramatically drove off of the HMS Invincible in a Jaguar XJS and plummeted into the Ocean, never to be seen again. Alas, whether it be from advanced internal sense or just a long nap, the Black Stig has returned.

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You Don't Know Jack

News : February 6, 2009

You may have noticed a few staff changes the past few months at National Speed, and with that comes a new sheriff in town…and his name’s Jack Harris. Actually, Jack’s not really affiliated with the long arm of the law, but he does have really long arms so that probably counts for something.

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Aston Martin's New V12 Vantage

News : February 4, 2009

Aston Martin, purveyors of the automobile we’d most like to have sex with, have decided to take their oh-so-delicious Vantage and add 4 more cylinders. Read on for sexy pics of the Vantage, just be sure you’ve got some spare ice cubes around because this sucker is HOT!

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Ford's New "Coyote" 5 liter Spotted in Mustang Mule

News : January 28, 2009

There’s much hype over the new 2010 Mustangs, and the most important part is the engine choices. There’s been a lot of gossip and smack talk about potential Mustang engines, and now you can add one more to the fire. 400 Horsepower sound good?

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National Speed's New Coat of Paint

News : January 23, 2009

So you may have noticed we’ve given the National Speed website a face lift. A little nip here, a tuck there. But not to worry, we didn’t go all Kenny Rogers on you. We’re still the same National Speed you’ve come to know and love. “OMG! They Killed Kenny!” But this isn’t just a new […]

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