Dyno Tuning

National Speed is a new breed of automotive performance shop with the latest dyno facilities to be your one stop dyno shop.

Dyno tuning gives us the ability to interact with every aspect of your engine’s power development.

At National Speed, we offer a complete dyno tuning solution for the ultimate domestic and import performance, servicing Wilmington, Raleigh and Jacksonville. With the ability to simulate a variety of different driving situations – including elements as diverse as road type and elevation changes – you can evaluate how your tune stands up to the type of conditions that it will encounter in the real world and extract maximum performance from your engine.

Advantages and Benefits of National Speed’s Dyno Tuning Include:

  • Complete control over all engine setup parameters, including boost control, fuel delivery, ignition timing and air flow.
  • Detailed data captured and displayed in real-time to help you determine how effective your tuning changes are in terms of improving horsepower, torque and drivability.
  • Repeatable test driving scenarios, which are a serious advantage over using street and highway testing for tuning purposes where it is virtually impossible to replicate exact conditions on a regular basis.
  • Atmospheric pressure, air temperature, ambient temperature, simulated speeds – National Speed dyno tuning includes detailed environmental controls that can help reveal areas of your tune that require improvement or adjustment.
  • National Speed’s dyno tuning also includes full video coverage of each and every tuning session for advanced troubleshooting purposes.

Professional Tuning Staff Sets National Speed Apart

As with any tool, getting the most out of a dyno tuning session depends upon the skill and experience level of the technicians operating the dyno and making the necessary adjustments to your setup.  National Speed is fortunate enough to work with one of the best tuners in the business, Randy Haywood.  Haywood has spent 11 years working in a dealership setting and 9 years in the performance industry, giving him the type of extensive knowledge required in the pursuit of maximum engine performance.  Randy Haywood’s familiarity and skill with a wide variety of software tuning platforms and dynos have seen him work on engine projects making over 2,000 horsepower.

National Speed Dyno Tuning Offers Next Level Performance

The benefits of National Speed’s dyno tuning service are clear:  top level tuning technicians, state of the art dyno equipment and a completely controlled testing environment using the latest in tuning software.  In the hands of National Speed’s experienced dyno tuning professionals your performance goals become reality.  Make your dyno tuning appointment with National Speed today and realize your engine setup’s full potential. National Speed Inc is a Dyno facility that services Wilmington, Jacksonville, and Raleigh North Carolina