2007 Ford Mustang GT – Supercharged



Baseline wheel-horsepower and torque: 290-300whp and 300-310ftlbs
Post-work wheel-horsepower and torque: 425.54whp and 390.42ftlbs

(please note; baseline runs were not performed for this job, and the numbers are estimated based on what these cars normally do with similar modifications that this car already had performed to it)

Modifications Performed:

-Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger System


A while back, Edelbrock began development on a different kind of supercharger system. What’s so different here? Well, if you’ve ever seen an Edelbrock forced induction kit for any vehicle, you know they carry a very OEM theory with their design, manufacturing and presentation. This kit installs like a stock unit, and has the same feel as a stock component, the quality is absolutely outstanding. I’ve been waiting for a customer to come along whose performance requirements match this system, and along came Ross. We’ve been working with Ross for the past year or so, doing bolt-on modifications and tuning for his prestine condition 2007 Ford Mustang GT. He expressed interest in getting some more power, nothing too much, just around 400-425whp, all while retaining his OEM drivability and clean theory that’s been executed thus far. Enter; Edelbrock E-Force. We reviewed it for some time, got everything lined up and got it rolling. I’m excited as can be for this one! This supercharger system will really come alive with his existing Kooks longtube headers and full exhaust system.



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