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Performance Parts Black Friday Special

Gear and Tech : November 28, 2008

Happy Black Friday from us here at National Speed, and we hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! For those that may not have heard, we just wanted to let you know that we’ve got a great performance parts black friday special. We have setup some deals that you really don’t want to miss (and I’m […]

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New Military Humvee Tire: The Honeycomb

Gear and Tech : November 26, 2008

Forget you guys with your lifted trucks. You aren’t ballin’ hard enough if you aren’t riding on some Honeycomb wheels. The University of Wisconsin-Madison and Resilient Technologies have come up with a wheel that doesn’t need any type of Air pressure. Instead of rolling on air, you’re just rolling on a honeycomb structure. Oh, and […]

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Word of the Day: Farking Spot

Humor : November 26, 2008

Fans of all things small have something to celebrate today: the size doesn’t matter folks at MINI have announced a “Word of the Day” desktop widget. Cooper drivers rejoice, you now have daily desktop entertainment to accompany your MINI joyriding. Today’s word: “FARKING SPOT!” This is what happens when you think you’ve found an empty […]

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National Speed Quickie: Snakes on a Dash

Humor | News : November 26, 2008

It’s been awhile since our last quickie, so I thought it’d be best to set the mood with a little wine and romance. Just kidding. I’m not one for long winded speeches or intros, so whaddaya say we get down to business and report on all the automotive news that’s fit to print…and probably some […]

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