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The Last Blog of 2008

Editorial : December 31, 2008

As if the title didn’t make it clear enough…this is it, the last blog of 2008. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been cranking out these blogs since…whenever we started cranking these things out, but its been a lot of fun and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading them. That being said, we hope to take […]

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Even MORE Carbon Fiber Stuff

Gear and Tech : December 30, 2008

Holy Carbon Fiber Crap, Batman! Yesterday’s article wasn’t nearly enough to cover the wondrous objects constructed out of this woven greatness. I found a few more things that are a little….out there. First on this list is something completely unnecessary, yet completely badass if you can afford it. Carbon Fiber Stairs. Say whaaat? This thing […]

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Cool Carbon Fiber Stuff

Gear and Tech : December 29, 2008

They surely do make everything out of Carbon Fiber nowadays… I’ve chosen a few products from the guys over at Carbon Fiber Gear Direct to highlight: First off is CFG Direct’s super ballin’ Carbon Fiber wallet. With a sexy combination of Real Carbon Fiber and Soft Leather, this wallet is built to be durable. The […]

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Happy Holidays From National Speed!

Editorial : December 24, 2008

On behalf of National Speed we’d like to wish all of our readers Happy Holidays. Stay warm, try to enjoy the annoying presence of scary relatives, talk loud for the older folks, and remember to turn the fire off when Santa tries to squeeze his wide apple-bottom down the chimney. Good luck to the last […]

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