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National Speed Official Apexi and Power Excel Dealer

News : February 23, 2009

National Speed, a premiere automotive shop featuring high performance parts, is now an official Apexi and Power Excel Dealer.

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Top 5 Car Chases You've Never Seen

Editorial : February 20, 2009

Everyone on the planet has seen Steve McQueen careen down the streets of San Francisco in Bullitt or marveled at the vehicular insanity on display in the Jason Bourne movies. It’s amazing stuff to be sure, but it’s also pretty boring at this point. If you’ve seen one car chase you’ve seen them all…or have you?

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Baller F-Sport Products for the Lexus GS and IS Vert

Gear and Tech : February 18, 2009

F-Sport has finally expanded it’s already ridiculously awesome product line to include the Lexus GS, IS C and the IS AWD models. The F-Sport line (parts derived or inspired by the Lexus IS-F) has only encompassed the IS250 and IS350 line, but now you can have all of the previously exclusive and ballertastic parts on […]

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Dyno Charts Now Available

News : February 18, 2009

We’ve updated the Dyno/Tuning section of the National Speed website to now include dynocharts from some of the cars we’ve tuned. This is just a small selection of the dyno charts that we have available. There’s plenty more to come. We just wanted to give you a preview of the upcoming feast…kind of like how […]

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