2010 Nissan GT-R – Full Turbo-back Exhaust and Tune


Jeff, like many other automotive enthusiasts, didn’t think that the OEM GT-R exhaust matched the character of the vehicle and that the GT-R could use some extra oomph in the power department.

We knew the perfect recipe in order to wake up this already potent machine.

Components installed:

  • MXP test-pipe set (Downpipes)
  • MXP Y-Pipe – non-resonated
  • MXP Catalytic Converter-back exhaust system
  • COBB Tuning SF Air Intake System
  • COBB Tuning AccessPORT with TCM Control


OEM Stock         – 444.03whp/427.52lbft 

Flash/Exhaust – 510.53whp/504.64lbft


The car picked up 66.5whp/77.12lbft which is a 14.97% increase in wheel horsepower and an 18% increase in wheel torque.



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