2019 Ford Mustang GT – Stage-1 VMP Supercharger Package

Jordan brought us his 2019 Ford Mustang GT to have the Gen-III Coyote setup with our Stage-1 VMP Supercharged package! This package is a proven performance to get S550 Mustangs into the 600whp range on 93 octane, with tons of headroom with simple upgrades from there!
Setup below:
VMP Performance Loki TVS2650R complete supercharger system
VMP Performance 88mm upper supercharger pulley
VMP Performance billet fuel rails
VMP Performance 56lb/hr fuel injectors
VMP Performance fuel pump voltage booster
VMP Performance single-pass heat exchanger
NGK Spark Plugs LTR7IX-11 spark plugs
• All the miscellaneous OEM Ford gaskets, seals, and components to complete the installation
With the mechanical work wrapped up by Dylan in the shop, John strapped her down to the rollers for a custom calibration by Vlad via HP Tuners. With 93 octane in the tank, the Gen-III Coyote's output was increased to a solid 624.69whp & 530.13lbft -- an increase of over 200whp & 150lbft over stock baseline! Absolutely stellar performance for this daily driven Mustang.

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