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Velocity Blue 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

Ford | Mustang : May 23, 2020

GT350 + bolt-ons + Flex Fuel = ~530whp. That equation is exactly what Zane brought us his brand new Velocity Blue 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 for! Up first, we started off by performing pre-work dyno pulls to establish our starting point, coming in at a factory-freak level of 486.57whp & 403.10lbft. Then in the […]

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2020 Toyota GR Supra – EcuTek Tuned

Supra | Toyota : May 22, 2020

100whp+ & 130lbft+: that’s what this 100% stock A90 Supra picked up with a National Speed custom calibration via EcuTek Technologies Ltd! After getting used to the factory power of his 2020 Toyota GR Supra rather quickly, Trey was ready to start turning the wick up. To start, we performed pre-work dyno runs to establish […]

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2013 Subaru WRX – XR ZERO 86HTZ Turbocharged

Subaru | WRX : May 16, 2020

After sitting with the engine removed for quite some time, Josh brought us his 2013 Subaru WRX to have it brought back to life and made better than ever! Up first in the shop, starting off with a new long block from IAG Performance featuring a Magnum Closed Deck short block and Stage 2 CNC […]

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2011 Ford Mustang GT – Whipple Supercharged

Ford | Mustang : May 15, 2020

Lewis brought his 2011 Ford Mustang GT back in for the next round of work: BOOST! Back in November, we started working with Lewis and his Mustang by installing his long-tube headers and performing a custom dyno calibration, coming in at 419.24whp & 371.13lbft. But shortly thereafter, Lewis got the itch for more… a lot […]

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