George Taylor III: Chief Operating Officer

Since day one, George has been dedicated to National Speed’s vision.  Through his lifelong passion, that has taken him from software and real estate to cars and technology, George has gained experience in every area of the company’s operation. George is known for his ability to stay moving, never content and always expecting to raise the bar.  This deep experience also gives him a unique perspective for shaping the company’s culture, offerings, and customer experience. 

George has invested years into understanding how to run National Speed stores, as well as the software, processes, and systems required to provide an exceptional customer experience that is repeatable. 

Like most, in his off time, George enjoys going through a few sets of tires in one of his heavily modified cars (ranging from a tire-slaying CLS55 AMG, an apex-attacking Nissan 350z track car, to an 800whp straight line CRX), and traveling from store to store making sure each customer at National Speed feels as if he or she is the only customer in the shop. 

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