Jared Ward: Performance Technician

Jared joined the National Speed Wilmington team as Performance Technician, with a long history of building insane high-performance street cars – in fact, it was one of his builds that put him on our radar, and ultimate lead to him coming on board!  When Jared brought his 2JZ-GTE swapped 1996 Nissan 240SX in for custom calibration, we were incredibly impressed by the fabrication quality, assembly craftsmanship, and overall execution of the build.  The brand-new setup fired up first try on the new calibration, and without a hiccup, went on to print 1,000whp+ that same day.  When we learned that Jared executed every single aspect of the build personally, our interest was piqued.  Fast forward a month later after a lengthy interview process, and Jared was now a member of the team, exercising his skills to build amazing cars for our customers!



That’s the story of how Jared came on board, but equally as interesting is his background leading up to joining the team.  From working as a professional technician, to traveling the globe as a professional BMX rider, to creating niche product solutions for high-performance cars (air conditioning system designed exclusively for Lancer Evolutions with forward-facing turbochargers, for example) – Jared has quite a unique combination of skills & experiences.  On the personal project side, Jared’s built everything from DSMs, to Audis, multiple Lancer Evolutions (including his forward-facing, long-rod 2.0L, 800awhp EVO VIII), all leading up to his current 2JZ-powered ’96 240SX – which he has a current personal best of 9.07sec at 164mph (video below), which much more to come!


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