King Cobra: Anthony Veneziano’s Terminator-Swapped 1999 SVT Cobra


Certain icons stand out in history as pillars of automotive history. For Ford and Shelby, the Cobra is one of those very icons. From the original Shelby to the current GT500s, that snake has always represented one thing, unrelenting performance. 



The key to unrelenting performance is, of course, making that performance reliable and steadfast. When building beyond the capabilities from the factory, this key becomes all the more important. 


Anthony brought in his new-to-him supercharged 1999 SVT Cobra looking for a built bottom end to keep his Cobra’s performance unrelenting. On such a special build, featuring a full Terminator swap with rare parts, including some super rare euro tail lights, we knew that we would be able to make this Terminator-swapped Cobra a force to be reckoned with. 

With the stock block not able to handle the current power efficiently and reliably, he worked with our performance consultants and build designers to figure out the best way to keep the power pumping and his motor running like a champ.

The solution sounded simple, a new short block built to withstand the new power and more. However, the reality was much more interesting. 



Instead of just any new short block, we sourced a MMR Romeo Short Block, cast iron but with forged I-Beam rods and Manley Forged Pistons. This new beefed up short block would be more than capable to handle the extra power and boost the twin screw blower would send through the 4.6L DOHC V8. Andrew got to work resealing the engine with Fel-Pro gaskets and ARP hardware to make sure that it was sealed and torqued properly. Process is a huge part of what makes a difference during a build and we’re always focused on doing things the right way. 



Forged internals are a great way to make the most of any standard cast iron block. And by pairing forged internals with a short block designed specifically for forced induction, Anthony’s Cobra was stronger than ever and ready to be back in business!

To give the Cobra some extra grunt, some PaceSetters full length headers, ceramic coated by our friends at Wild Things Powdercoating, and a custom-fabricated X-Pipe were added while the motor was out. With the engine setup ready to go, we got the car buttoned up and ready for the dyno! 



After getting strapped in, dialed in, and a custom tune from our calibrator Vlad via SCT X4, Anthony’s Cobra put down an impressive 492whp and 450lbft of torque!


We couldn’t let this one go without a full shoot out back at the shop in Wilmington. For a closer look at this build, take a look at the gallery below.

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Parts List: 

  • MMR Romeo Short Block
  • Ford Racing Crankshaft
  • Forged MMR I-Beam Rods with ARP Hardware
  • Manley Forged Pistons & chromoly piston pins
  • PaceSetter Ceramic Coated Full Length Steel Headers
  • Custom Fabricated X-Pipe
  • ARP 2000 Hex Head Stud Kit

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