Mustang GT

2005-2010 - S197

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2008 Ford Mustang GT – Supercharged

Back in June, Jason brought us his 2008 Ford Mustang GT to get the 4.6L 3-valve set up with an E-Force supercharger system from Edelbrock Performance, clutch & flywheel setup from McLeod Clutches, custom fabricated electronic cutouts utilizing Vibrant Performance and Quick Time Performance components -- and now, he's back in to have the wick turned [...]

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2010 Ford Mustang GT – Supercharged

With Coyote 5.0L powered Mustangs becoming more and more accessible to gearheads, the preceding 3-valve 4.6L doesn't get as much love as it used to these days. And when you consider the starting point of each, it's certainly easy to understand why. That said, there are still those that like [...]

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2006 Crown Victoria – Coyote 5.0L Swap

Gen-II Coyote 5.0L, meet Crown Victoria...Yes, this happened! A little backstory: Patrick absolutely loved his 2006 Ford Crown Victoria, but as most 2-valve 4.6L owners understand, the engine left a bit to be desired in factory form -- horsepower, torque, fuel efficiency, etc. So, Patrick had a few options to [...]

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2010 Mustang GT500 – MMR Steet Mod 1000

Buying a dream car with an underlying, serious issue — it’s every gearhead’s worse fear. And sadly, that’s the situation James found himself in with his newly acquired VMP 2.3L supercharged 2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. When this occurs, there are generally three options: 1) cut your losses. 2) repair [...]

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2007 Ford Mustang GT – Supercharged

    Baseline wheel-horsepower and torque: 290-300whp and 300-310ftlbs Post-work wheel-horsepower and torque: 425.54whp and 390.42ftlbs (please note; baseline runs were not performed for this job, and the numbers are estimated based on what these cars normally do with similar modifications that this car already had performed to it) Modifications [...]

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2010 Ford Mustang GT

2010 Ford Mustang GT – Engine Breathing Modifications – Steeda/Borla o   Steeda intake system o   Borla exhaust system o   Custom dyno tuning via SCT  

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2006 Ford Mustang GT

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2005 Mustang GT-500E

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