1991 Honda Civic – B18C Swap

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Post-work horsepower and torque: 167.67whp and 126.44ftlbs

EF Honda Civic, B18C swap with LSD transmission, built for auto cross duty… Go-cart on steroids, anyone? This is one of those fun, simple, yet very effective projects that are always a blast to see come to fruition.

Modifications performed are as follows;

– H-Motors Online B18C with OEM LSD transmission
– Full-Race ProStreet traction bars
– Competition Clutch Stage-II clutch
– Competition Clutch lightweight flywheel
– All fluids replaced with Honda OEM fluid
– NGK “blue” spark-plug wires
– NGK BKR7ES-11 spark plugs
– Honda OEM timing belt and water pump
– AEM short-ram intake
– Thermal R&D CL-Type catalytic converter back exhaust system
– Mishimoto radiator
– FAL slim fans
– HASport 70a motor mounts
– HASport AC bracket
– HASport cable to hydraulic conversion
– HASport swap axles
– HASport shift linkage
– Boomslang OBD0-ODBI conversion harness
– P72 ECU socketed for S300
– Hondata S300




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