Looking to increase your domestic or import performance in the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, or beyond?  Bring your car down to one of our dynos and see how it really stacks up against the competition in a world-class performance shop. What makes us different from most shops is that we truly live and breathe life in the fastlane; motorsports and automotive performance is what we do and we’ve assembled some of the most well built machines in the Nation. If we aren’t at the shop, you can find our technicians racing at dragways or roadcourses around the state, alongside our customers. Want a truly majestic motorsports experience? At National Speed, we are all about Driving Confidence, and we will give your project the quality, care, attention to detail and love we give our own vehicles.



Customer Assurance

Our Director of Customer Assurance and Operations oversees every project from the time you walk through the front door to the time your car rolls out of the garage on its way to rule the streets, Coastal Plains Dragway, Fayetteville Dragway, Rockingham Dragway, Carolina Motorsports Park or any other racing venue across the southeast. When your completed project rolls out of the shop, you can be fully confident in the experience you received and the work performed.

National Speed – Customer Assurance



Dyno Tuning

At National Speed, we offer a complete dyno tuning solution for the ultimate domestic and import performance, proudly servicing Wilmington, Raleigh, Jacksonville and beyond. With the ability to simulate a variety of different driving situations – including elements as diverse as road type and elevation changes – you can evaluate how your tune stands up to the type of conditions that it will encounter in the real world and extract maximum performance from your engine. Bring your vehicle down to our southeastern North Carolina dyno facility to get a custom dyno tune to see its full naturally aspirated or force-fed performance potential before you hit the streets.

National Speed – Dyno Tuning



 Performance Fabrication

If you can dream it, National Speed can build it. You can’t always buy the performance parts that you need right off of the shelf.  Sometimes, when you are pushing the limits of what is possible in terms of power, handling or weight savings, you have to step outside the box and look for a completely custom solution that can take you to the next level.

National Speed – Performance Fabrication



Performance Installations

Doing it right the first time with National Speed’s expert technicians can save you money down the road. Not all performance parts designed for your car are simple to install.  Even those bolt-on modifications which claim to have been built with ease of installation in mind can be frustrating to work within a real-world scenario.  This is why National Speed offers a full performance installation program that takes the hassle, guesswork, and complication out of the entire process.

National Speed – Performance Installations




Whether you are trying to run 9-second quarter mile passes at Coastal Plains Dragway, Hunt down a GTR at VIR or simply want your project to have a little more pep in its step, expert opinions and guidance can help bring you closer to your performance goals. Your car is the starting point, and your dreams of realizing its handling, acceleration and power potential are the destination.  What happens if you don’t have the proper roadmap to guide you from one to the other?  National Speed’s consultation services are designed to help you clearly articulate your performance goals and achieve the setup you are looking for within the budget that you have allocated.

National Speed – Consultation



National Speed Blog/Projects Page

Want to stay up to date with what’s going on in the shop? To see current projects, videos from our visits to the track and up-to-date performance news, check out our National Speed Blog and National Speed Projects Page. The blog is a way to keep in the know about happenings at National Speed and the Projects page is a way for customers to stay up to date with what’s going on after their vehicle rolls into our shop. The projects page is updated daily with current builds and progress on each vehicle that comes in through the door. It’s a great way to keep up-to-date on what’s going on at National Speed.

National Speed – Blog

National Speed – Projects