Customer Testimonials

Listen to what our customers are saying about National Speed

From videos to comments made after modifications are complete, our customers are talking about how National Speed helped to make the Speed Experience special for them.

2017 Camaro

Sean has been a customer for over 10 years and has had seveal vehicles modified with us during that time.   With his SS, he wanted a car that was a turn-key car, go to shows, daily drive, but could "beat-up" on the track.   "National Speed knows who you are, knows your name, and knows your goals."

2016 hellcat

Stepping it up with a set of Hellcats, Chuck and Ron love to take the vehicles to the dragstrip and use them as a daily driver.  We stepped it up some and then stepped it up some more.   "(NS) Set it up right so that it feels like it did off the showroom floor, but a lot more fun." 

2018 Camaro

Frank had questions and National Speed helped him to transparently understand the timing, steps, costs and more to upgrade his SS. "Whether you are brand new to this...or doing some of the work on your own...they have been great through the whole process.  I would recommend them."