Customer Assurance

Customer Assurance through Operational Excellence and Clear Communication

All National Speed projects are managed by the General Manager and a Customer Success Associate. This is a unique approach in the aftermarket world, and is a clear demonstration of National Speed’s commitment to customer satisfaction. While each member of the National Speed team is responsible for specific performance deliverables, it is the General Manager and Customer Success Associate that bring it all together to ensure our customer’s goals are met each and every time.

We offer a customer-centric approach that includes project management across all service areas (Consultation, Installation, Fabrication, and Dyno Tuning), clear and timely customer communications, and a dedication to exceeding expectations.

Operational Excellence

Through careful pre-modification planning, each of our projects is fully defined and includes a detailed parts and services list with all associated costs and timelines. In addition, we work closely with performance parts suppliers to gain time and cost commitments, while also working with the customer to clearly establish performance goals and expectations. This level of upfront planning and clear communication is unique in the industry and is essential to ensuring that our quotes are accurate and our customer’s performance goals are met every time.

Clear Communication

Once begun, each project is carefully managed and tracked against the stated performance and cost objectives, and clear and regular communications with the customer are maintained throughout the project. Depending on the size of the project, this includes regular phone calls, emails, and pictures of the project as it progresses. For large builds and for out-of-town customers, (with the customer’s approval) National Speed will often upload a detailed build thread with full photography to a relevant internet automotive forum. This is an exciting way to allow the customer to be virtually present throughout the build, as well as show his newly modified vehicle to the automotive community.

Meeting and Exceeding Expectations

Attention to detail, clear communications and project planning is the responsibility of the General Manager and Customer Success Associate, and it is completely unique in the automotive aftermarket world. In the end, this holistic Project Management is what provides our customers with assurance, confidence, and peace of mind. It is also one of the primary reasons National Speed has been able to establish a proven track record of excellence in fully meeting our customer’s expectations. No one else compares.