2008 Honda Fit S – Turbocharged

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Baseline horsepower and torque: 97.85whp and 94.91
Post-work horsepower and torque: 138.76whp and 135.95ftlbs

Modifications performed are as follows;

– HKS complete turbocharger system
– Custom National Speed, Inc. windshield washer fluid reservoir
– HKS Type-0 turbo timer
– TOVIC 52mm boost gauge
– Skunk2 Racing lowering springs
– Enkei RPF1 wheels – matte black – 16×7 – +42mm offset
– Nexen N3000 tires – 205/45R16

This is one of those projects that you can’t help but smile at. The Honda Fit made a splash with its introduction to American soil, when put head-to-head against exotic vehicles on various handling tests. However, Honda clearly did not have power in mind for this economy car. The short answer for that? Boost! As always, HKS delivered with quality product, making the installation straight forward, effective and purely transforming the driving experience of this car. HKS claimed a 40% horsepower and torque increase, and as expected, this percentage was met, almost exactly.

Carey’s Honda Fit S is simple and purposed, yet is an absolute riot to drive. That’s what Carey set into the project intending to achieve, and we’d say the target was nailed dead-center.




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