2015 GMC Sierra 1500 – 900HP

GMC | Sierra : January 13, 2020



Wu-Tang War Whistles, Nagasaki Noisy Bois, Beijing Rod Benders, Ying-Yang Spinney Things, Taiwan Tranny Trashers, Shanghai Cyclones, Mongolian Motor Manglers, Pad Thai Pounders -- whatever you call them, Tom's 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 has them, in the form of twin Garrett - Advancing Motion GT3076R turbochargers.

While this truck is completely stock appearing on the outside, under the hood it's a very different story, with the L83 5.3L engine equipped with a twin turbocharger system from Armageddon Turbo Systems, camshaft from Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, OEM LT4 high-pressure fuel pump, K-DI fuel injectors from Nostrum High Performance, along with all the necessary supporting modifications to bring it all together.

With the mechanical work wrapped in the shop, Charlie strapped her down to the rollers for Vlad to perform a custom calibration via HP Tuners. With 93 octane in the tank and the GT3076R turbochargers delivering 12psi, Vlad increased output to a repeatable 768.30whp & 741.00lbft! While there is quite a bit of power on the table with more boost and octane, we all decided to stop at this power level with the stock-bottom-end's longevity in mind. Absolute sleeper of a build!

See dyno video below.


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