2015 Scion FR-S TRD – Speed by Design Turbo Kit

FR-S | Scion : September 4, 2020

To us, the GT86 platform is one of the best driver's cars on the market for the price point. That said, most who have ever driven one, feel like it's missing something from the factory: BOOST!

And Tanner - the owner of this 2015 Scion FR-S TRD Release Series 1.0 - is among that group, and decided to address the problem with an extra 100whp! Up first in the shop, Andrew set up the 4U-GSE engine with a complete turbocharger system from Speed By Design LLC, ID1050x fuel injectors from Injector Dynamics, DW65C fuel pump from DeatschWerks, along with the miscellaneous OEM odds-and-ends to bring it together.

With the mechanical work wrapped in the shop, Matt strapped her down to the rollers for Vlad to perform custom calibration via EcuTek Technologies Ltd. With the stock clutch in mind, Vlad went on the conservative side with the calibration, and increased the 4U-GSE’s output to 266.84whp & 234.90lbft on 93 octane! When Tanner gets the itch for 300-320whp on 93 octane and even more on E85, he's just a clutch upgrade away.

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