2018 Toyota 4Runner – Magnuson Supercharged

4Runner | Toyota : August 9, 2020

While the 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner is a capable and well-rounded vehicle both on and off road, most who have driven one probably land on a similar conclusion: it could use some help in the power department. You know what solves that problem? BOOST!

And that's exactly what Robert brought us his 2018 Toyota 4Runner to have done! Up first, Matt strapped her down for pre-work dyno pulls to establish our starting point, coming in at 230.40awhp & 245.70lbft. Next, John set the 1GR-FE up with a TVS 1320 supercharger system from Magnuson Superchargers, which as always, looks like it came equipped from the factory.

From there, Matt strapped her back down to the rollers to get the post-work numbers. The result? 311.10awhp & 300.44lbft, a gain of 80.70awhp & 54.74lbft over stock! Needless to say, that's a difference that'll definitely show up when Robert hits the skinny pedal.

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