2020 GR Supra – Pure800 Turbocharger

Flex fuel enabled, a host of bolt-on performance, and a new billet-impeller Pure800 turbocharger under the hood, Juan's 2020 Toyota GR Supra is one sweet ride. Back in to the shop for it's second round of work, it was time to get this GR Supra over the 550whp mark! Modifications below:
Performed by us:
Pure Turbos Pure800 stock-frame billet impeller turbocharger
AMS Performance aluminum 3" charge pipe kit
LG Motorsports auxiliary fuel pump kit
Previously performed by us:
• In-house ECU unlock service
AEM Performance Electronics air-intake system
Extreme Turbo Systems down-pipe w/high-flow catalytic converter
Extreme Turbo Systems cat-back exhaust system
• Visconti Tuning flex-fuel kit
With the mechanical work wrapped up by Andrew in the shop, Matt strapped her down to the rollers for Vlad to perform a custom calibration via EcuTek Technologies Ltd. With flex fuel in the tank, Vlad was able to increase the B58's output to a killer 581.50whp & 574.36lbft!
With the first round of bolt-on performance yielding him a solid 436.53whp & 527.16lbft on 93 octane, the additional 140+whp is something Juan is sure to feel!