Turn Your Car Into Furniture

Uncategorized : February 10, 2009

Ever thought about placing a Motor in the middle of your living room? How about putting YOUR rear end in the rear end of a car?...in your kitchen. In order to get as much automotive paraphernalia as you can in your life, you need to bring some of these unorthodox contraptions into your home.

National Speed - V8 Coffee Table

First up is an awesome way to give new life to an old clapped out motor. Forget putting it into scrap, use it as a ‘friggen coffee table! If you intend on doing this yourself, do yourself a favor and use a V arranged motor, as opposed to an inline…that probably wouldn’t do very well, stability-wise.

Price for something like this? Well, grab an old busted block, clean it up real nice and get a glass slab. There you go. Grab an old Jag V12 and go for broke.

National Speed - Aston Martin Couch

Alright, so you got the table…now what? Take a seat and kick back your feet on your Aston Martin Couch. This replica Aston Martin DB6 is offered in multiple color combinations and is brought to you by the Master Craftsmen over at Aston Martin Heritage Designs. Price for this ultimate living-room accompaniment? Only $7,300.

National Speed - Gearhead Desk

Last is something really Special. Eccentric, perhaps, but still very cool. Designer Dale Mathis crafted a glass tabletop showcase intertwined with interlocking kinetic gears that all work. While they don’t necessarily do anything but spin, I can’t think of many furniture that function (or rather, don’t function) like this one. This desk art piece conglomeration Thingamajigger can be yours for the low price of $21,000. You can take out your spleen a loan and be the talk of the town!