Baller F-Sport Products for the Lexus GS and IS Vert

Uncategorized : February 18, 2009

F-Sport has finally expanded it’s already ridiculously awesome product line to include the Lexus GS, IS C and the IS AWD models. The F-Sport line (parts derived or inspired by the Lexus IS-F) has only encompassed the IS250 and IS350 line, but now you can have all of the previously exclusive and ballertastic parts on your GS as well.

F-Sport has always done a really good job of making performance based products such as a Carbon Big Brake Kit, Forged alloy wheels (in 18 and 19″ flavors), Sway Bars, Intake, and Exhaust. The line for the GS/IS/C carries over.

Speaking of the IS Convertible, have you seen it? Dear God, that’s one of the only convertibles I would ever drive. Few companies can pull off a convertible like Lexus can, and they haven’t failed this time, that’s for sure. Convertibles are usually reserved for females, effeminate guys, or the retired. I’ll take any stereotype that comes along with it in this thing. Lexus gets two thumbs up from me.

Of course, all F-Sport products carry a 12-month warranty, which is a huge incentive for getting F-Sport parts instead of some other aftermarket manufacturers parts. You really can have your cake and eat it too, Lexus owners.

Check out all the F-sport Products Here: Lexus USA F-Sport.