Car Thief Turned Into Goat

Humor : January 26, 2009

Nigerian Police are holding a goat in custody for accusations of stealing a car. A goat that Nigerian police believe to be a witch that transformed into a goat in order to evade authorities. Yes, you read all that correctly. I’ve heard some pretty crazy stuff, but Grand Theft Auto: Goat is definitely a new one.

[Sorcerer-Goat in Question]

A vigilante group in Nigeria chased two men down that were allegedly carjacking a Mazda (I say allegedly because who would want to carjack a Mazda — I kid, I kid). Upon seeing the vigilante group, the two men fled. One of the men escaped, but the other, upon being cornered, turned his back to the mob and transformed into a goat.

I’m not making this up, folks.

The vigilantes grabbed the goat and turned it into police. The goat is being held in custody until the investigation is complete, meaning charges against the goat are still possible. The goat may be charged with armed robbery, among other things.

I understand that in Nigeria, as well as other places, that there are superstitions associated with animals. My question to you is: How many of you think this was just a scapegoat?

Harr Harr Harr. I couldn’t resist.