Cool Carbon Fiber Stuff

Uncategorized : December 29, 2008

They surely do make everything out of Carbon Fiber nowadays…

I’ve chosen a few products from the guys over at Carbon Fiber Gear Direct to highlight:

National Speed - Carbon Fiber Wallet

First off is CFG Direct’s super ballin’ Carbon Fiber wallet. With a sexy combination of Real Carbon Fiber and Soft Leather, this wallet is built to be durable. The wallet is available in a pretty slick looking Silver weave as well. It’s guaranteed to turn heads when you whip it out (not like that, perv). This is a good gift idea for any car enthusiast you might know, and I’ll be purchasing one soon. Price for both is $49.99

Check it out Here: CFG Direct Carbon Fiber/Leather Wallet

National Speed - Carbon Fiber Coasters

Next up is an interesting one. How about some Carbon Fiber Coasters in a sick looking Stainless Steel Display? Your cups/mugs/glasses/beer bottles/shot glasses/dentures or whatever else you decide to throw on there is guaranteed dyno proven 5 extra horsepower by being placed on these carbon fiber disks of drinking glory. If you decide you don’t want to use these as a coaster, they have been proven to be a viable alternative throwing weapon if all else fails. I cannot think of a more honorable way to die than in a shower of carbon fiber goodness. Price for entering Carbon Fiber Coaster Nirvana? $149.99

Check it out Here: CFG Direct Carbon Fiber/Stainless Steel Coaster

National Speed - Carbon Fiber Ring

Here’s another one that piqued my interest a little bit. Need a new manly man ring? Forget gold or silver, go Stainless Steel and Carbon Fiber and show your real machismo. Leave a carbon fiber weave imprint on the forehead of the next guy that makes fun of you for wearing a man ring. The rings are offered in a variety of sizes and are really cheap at only $59.95

Check it out Here: CFG Direct Carbon Fiber/Stainless Steel Ring

National Speed - Carbon Fiber Pen

Last up is easy enough. It’s a Carbon Fiber friggin’ pen. How gangster is that? It’s solid 3k twill Carbon Fiber and it’s of course a ballpoint. Just like the Carbon Fiber Coasters, this can be used a dart or whatever other flying projectile you decide to emulate. This wonderous object of writing desire can be had for the low low price of $39.95

Check it out Here: CFG Direct Carbon Fiber Pen