Elrich Mey: Performance Consultant


A South African native, and having spent time across Europe and the United States, Elrich has always nosed out motorsport culture wherever on Earth he finds himself. These experiences have exposed him to a diverse variety of racing and motorsports ranging from the road course, to the rally stage, to hill climbs, to the dragstrip, to the circle track, with quite a bit of “unsanctioned” racing mixed in.

His current weapon of choice? A built, closed deck, rotated 2004 Subaru WRX STi outlined and built to meet his goals and purposes – weekday daily driver, weekend mountain road touge warrior. Equally as broad, his professional experience ranges from project planning in speed shops, to turning wrenches, to retail management & consultative service. Elrich’s unique combination of personality, experience, knowledge, and skills makes him a powerful addition to the National Speed team! Both Elrich and the rest of the team are excited to be serving the Richmond, VA community.

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