Even MORE Carbon Fiber Stuff

Uncategorized : December 30, 2008

Holy Carbon Fiber Crap, Batman!

Yesterday’s article wasn’t nearly enough to cover the wondrous objects constructed out of this woven greatness. I found a few more things that are a little….out there.

First on this list is something completely unnecessary, yet completely badass if you can afford it.

National Speed - Carbon Fiber Stairs

Carbon Fiber Stairs. Say whaaat? This thing is a giant concoction of glass stainless steel and ridiculously thin Carbon Fiber Treads. I can’t imagine that this is fat people friendly, but Carbon Fiber has come a long way in the past 10 years. While beautiful, I can only imagine that these stairs cost more than you want to even think about. EeStairs created this beast, and it can be yours for a low low price of……..We actually don’t know yet. I don’t want to know.

National Speed - Carbon Fiber Corset

Next on the list is a ‘Fricken Carbon Fiber Corset. Yes folks, that’s right. Carbon Fiber Lingerie. All of these pieces are a custom one-off deal, which means yes, you have to go to Kyrone itself and get a custom mold made(teeheehee). As of now, only 8 have been made since 2001 so these suckers are limited. As stated earlier, these are $250. I guess that’s not too bad, but I can’t imagine it’d be comfortable. Kryone also makes a lot of other interesting stuff too so be sure to check ’em out.

National Speed - Carbon Fiber Table

Now for something even more out there. The Marc Newson Black Hole Table. Usable, sure, but Holy Crap. For the price, I’m not sure if i’d want to use it or be afraid to scratch it with my ogling eyes. This is a one piece three legged concoction of master godliness. Created all as one piece, each on of these 10 limited pieces are estimated to sell at $300,000. You think you are baller? Throw up the cash for one of these and then come talk to me, punk. Good luck finding one to buy in the first place. God knows when and where they go up at auction, but I’m sure it is a sight to behold.