HD Automotive Videos: ClashProductions and Format67

Media : January 7, 2009

Today I felt like highlighting automotive videos shot with REAL Production quality. While the burnout you did in your dad’s Camaro on Streetfire was cool, the fact that it was shot on a cellphone and was so fuzzy you could barely make out your mullet and acid washed attire was not cool.

I suppose the point is, regardless of whatever you’re shooting, if you’re shooting with crappy equipment, it’s going to be crappy. People enjoy things in High Definition, and that’s a fact. It can indeed make a piece of poop look like the most wondrous thing ever beheld. Using this logic, you have to figure if it can make something bad look good, what will it do to something that looks good already?

First up is Format67, based out of Germany. With a team 5 strong, Daniel Michaelis and crew put out their first automotive short in July of 2007. They’ve covered MANY vehicles including but not limited to: A R34 Skyline, AE86, Ford GT, BMW 135i, and the Subaru STi. Music choice and post production is top notch with this group, conveying and capturing emotion in a very powerful way. You can tell there is a lot of storyboarding that goes into each video as there is always a story to keep your attention.

Check out these two, as they are some of my favorites. -Watch in Fullscreen-

Two Imprezas on an Asphalt Playground.

Ferrari F430 playing on the Streets.

Next up is Clash Productions, Based out of the UK. While strictly autosport (Drag/Drift/TimeAttack) and more action based, Clash Productions does a ridiculously good job portraying emotion and capturing the spirit of any event. I swear these guys can make ANYTHING look amazing. Clash Productions has been together since 2005 and has put out some amazing things since then. Although I’m only going to post two examples, I highly suggest you check out their Streetfire Account and watch some other stuff too. The level of post processing skill is ridiculous here. Selective focus also seems to be a favorite technique. I haven’t seen anyone be able to capture the spirit of the event like Clash Productions.