Magnetic Gray 2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

Ford | Mustang : May 1, 2020

Rudy brought us his Magnetic Metallic 2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 with the interest of enhancing a few things in the performance department! Even though the Voodoo 5.2L comes factory with 526hp worth of naturally aspirated power (typically around 460whp on our dynos), Rudy was after just a tiny bit more... and by a tiny, we mean over 370whp more.

After putting a plan in place, the GT350 hit TJ's lift and he got busy making it happen in the form of billet oil pump gears from Modular Motorsports Racing - MMR, a Gen-V W185RF 3.0L twin-screw system from Whipple Superchargers including a billet Roval 132mm throttle body, DeatschWerks 72lb fuel injectors, DeatschWerks 415lph in-tank fuel pump, all topped off with a twin-disc assembly from Mantic Clutch USA to put the power to the ground without sacrificing drivability.

Once all the mechanical work was done, the car was then ready to hit the rollers for a custom dyno calibration by Vlad via HP Tuners. The results? A staggering 834.99whp and 604.22lbft on 93 octane! Given that S550 GT350s weigh in at ~3800lbs, they absolutely rip at this power level!

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