National Speed Presents 5 Crazy Clips

Humor | Media : August 29, 2008

Here are some of National Speed’s five favorite video clips. WARNING: do not try this stuff at home! These people are trained professionals, and in some cases absolute maniacs. It’s amazing how often those two traits sometimes coincide.

    1. This clip proves that it’s not the size that counts but how you use it.

    2. These guys have all the money in the world…maybe the should use some of it to learn how to drive.

    3. Pretty amazing stuff. Make sure to watch all the way to the end when the passengers decide to play Superman on the side of the truck.

    4. Proof that having too much spare time isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    5. They call this guy the Ghostrider (not to be confused with the crap Nicholas Cage movie). The stuff this guy can do on a motorcycle is insane.

Got any crazy clip recommendations you’d like to share with National Speed? Leave us a comment and we’ll check them out and potentially post them in a future blog. Remember, don’t do anything stupid…or at the very least wait until someone’s filming it.