National Speed Presents: 5 Funny Cop Clips

Humor | Media : October 13, 2008

In celebration of our upcoming Law Enforcement Dyno Day in November, National Speed presents 5 clips of Law Enforcement hilarity. Disclaimer: in no way are these clips meant to make light of Law Enforcement Officers, but rather the absurd situations that they sometimes find themselves in…Why do I suddenly have a sneaking suspicion that my car is gonna be impounded and crushed into a 4×4 cube? Maybe I should get rid of the stolen borrowed video games in my trunk.

1) Reversal of Fortune. This is my personal favorite. I love the fact that the driver actually has enough presence of mind to put his turn signal on before he completely obliterates the cop car by backing into it.

2) Officer Down! I give her a 9.5 for the dismount.

3) “License, Registration, Aw Crap!” I take it back. This one is my favorite. I wish I could see the look on the driver’s face when the cop goes running off. Better yet, I wish I could see if the police officer actually has the guts to follow through with the ticket after his car rolls away.

4) Near miss. This is why there’s a law that requires you to move into the furthest left lane whenever you see a police officer stopped on the side of the road. What’s hilarious about this clip is how calm the officer remains as he narrowly misses becoming the latest addition to Faces of Death.

5) Hide and Go Drift. While this is just an 8 second clip from a Jackie Chan flick, its pretty damn impressive nonetheless. I wish I could pull off a move that smooth. Only in the movies…

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