National Speed Presents: 5 More Crazy Clips

Humor | Media : November 4, 2008

Work got you down? Kick back and take a break with National Speed and enjoy these hilarious clips that the voices inside my head told me were funny. The voices also told me that the National Speed eStore is now open and that you should definitely check it out. All the cool kids are shopping there.

1) “I’m Walking Here!” This is an oldie but a goodie. Remember when your parents used to tell you to respect your elders? Here’s why.

2) Crazy Compilation. This won’t just rock your socks it will blow your feet clean off… I’ve been wanting to use that line for years. Sad but true.

3) Old Pranksters. I respect my elders for fear of them trying to kill me through vehicular homicide. Word to the wise: don’t piss this couple off.

4) Shop Crash. I’m not sure what’s worse, the fact that someone actually did this or that I have a best friend who’s done it twice before.

5) Ouch! This clip is astounding. Not only does the woman survive, but she gets up and walks away like it was nothing. Talk about lucky.

Got any clips to share? Leave us a comment and we’ll post it in a future blog. Keep those cameras rolling!