National Speed Presents: 5 Ridiculous Car Stunts

Humor | Media : October 27, 2008

Every Monday on the blog we try to run a series of video clips that we think are funny, outrageous, or just plain cool. I say try because sometimes things come up and we’re unable to update on schedule. You know, like that whole work thing. Life would be so much easier without work. And yet, then I’d be unemployed and unable to write this blog. Talk about a catch-22!

1) Half Pipe. Not many people have seen a car pull a Tony Hawk and bust out a 900 on a half-pipe before. Count yourself as one of the lucky ones. And while I realize this clip is fake, that doesn’t mean it isn’t funny as hell and worth watching. Besides, in two or three years they’ll probably be somebody dumb enough to try something like this…and his glorious failure will be ours to watch on you tube. Here’s hoping they have the cameras running.

2) Auto Cross Accident. Here’s a little tip, if you’re auto crossing in front of hundreds of people, try not to get run over by your own car. It looks bad…and it’s embarrassing for the car.

3) SAAB Peformance. Here’s the real deal. Let the professionals show you how it’s done. These guys are the automotive equivalent of the Blue Angels. Really cool stuff.

4) Road Skating. Why this isn’t a professional sport I have no idea. You could watch this on a constant loop for 24 hours and not get tired of it.

5) Car 1, Man 0. In the game of human chicken, there can only be one outcome. One horribly painful, bone crunching, hilarious outcome.

Ready for your close up? Leave us a comment or send us an email and we’ll post any cool videos that you submit to us in a future blog. Roll ’em!