National Speed Presents: The Automotively Challenged

Humor | Media : October 6, 2008

There are some people that were born to sit behind the wheel of a car. These are not those people…

1) Car Rotisserie. This is what happens when gearheads with too much spare time get inspired while stuck in front of the spinning chicken rack at Golden Corral. I can’t imagine anything else that would compel someone to do this to their car. Then again, maybe they just have an unhealthy obsession with Johnny 5’s eyebrows. If anybody actually gets that reference come by National Speed and I’ll buy you a Coke. Not really, but it’s the thought that counts, right guys?

2) Worst Car Mods. There’s no sound to this clip but the video more than speaks for itself. Part of me hopes that these are photoshopped and that no sane person would create automobiles this ugly but deep down I know they’re real. May God have mercy on their poor, aesthetically challenged souls.

3) Backasswards. This is security camera footage of a driver that can’t back out of a parking space to save their life.

4) More Parking Trouble. More security camera footage of the parking challenged.

5) When Cars Attack. To prove that I’m not sexist, I’ve included a clip of another boneheaded driver that has some problems getting out of a parking deck. He’s a guy, or at least he was before the end of this clip. Almost getting run down by your own car is a complete violation of man law.

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