New Military Humvee Tire: The Honeycomb

Uncategorized : November 26, 2008

Forget you guys with your lifted trucks. You aren’t ballin’ hard enough if you aren’t riding on some Honeycomb wheels.

National Speed - Bulletproof Tire

The University of Wisconsin-Madison and Resilient Technologies have come up with a wheel that doesn’t need any type of Air pressure. Instead of rolling on air, you’re just rolling on a honeycomb structure. Oh, and did I forget to mention this puppy is Bullet-proof and Bomb-proof? Tired of being late to work trying to drive through the battleground that is rush hour traffic? Thwart the old ladies tossing grenades out of their windows and get some of these 37″ “tires”.

Created for the Military, these prototype tires are guaranteed to save many lives. Conventional tires are useless when they lose air pressure or get blown out in combat. What’s the use of Armor if your tires are blown out? A few advantages to this new honeycomb design is that it costs about the same as a conventional tire and rides the same.

National Speed - Honeycomb tire.

Hopefully soon they will be moving to consumer vehicles. Same price, same ride, ballin’ pattern, bomb-proof and bullet-proof? Sign me up. I’ll throw some on the 240. Me Want Honeycomb!

Be safe out there, Happy Turkey Day!