Jordan Robinson: Purchasing & Logistics Manager

Jordan is a Richmond local who has been into quirky old Toyotas ever since his high school days. He hit the ground running buying a supercharged Toyota MR2 as his first car and spent the better part of a decade chasing cones at local autocross events. After a few years of honing his wrenching skills, Jordan took on more projects including an X8 Cressida, an X7 Cressida Wagon, a Matrix XRS, and more recently his current track-toy Corolla FX16 GTS. After experiencing VIR from the passenger seat a few years back, Jordan was bitten by the track bug and now gets as much seat time as he can. With that kind of enthusiasm combined with years of experience in the parts world from dealerships to body shops, Jordan is a great asset to the team and couldn’t be more excited to find a home at National Speed.

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