Performance Parts: Christmas Ideas For the Performance Enthusiast

Uncategorized : December 4, 2008

Looking for a gift for that performance minded enthusiast in your life? We’ve put together a few items that are sure to please them! This is only a portion of our list, the rest of which will be put out later on this week.

National Speed eStore - DEI Headerwrap

DEI Header Wrap Kit

Tired of heatsoak robbing you of precious power? You know the only way to be safe is to wrap it up. Get a DEI Header Wrap Kit and say goodbye to lost horsepower

National Speed eStore - Blitz BOV

Blitz Dual Drive Blow Off Valve

The Blitz BOV with Dual Drive relieves compressor surge without reducing compressor speed. A smaller port is used for low boost and a larger port is used for high boost. Get one of these to ensure no compressor surge.

National Speed eStore - HKS SSQV

HKS SSQV Special Edition Black BOV

The HKS SSQV is a dual stage pull type relief valve, meaning that unlike push type valves, the SSQV cannot leak under any level of boost. The SSQV uses a small primary valve for quick action and a large valve for further venting. I personally use one on my vehicle, and I suggest it! Plus, it’s special edition, and black. That’s baller!

National Speed eStore - TiALSport Q BOV


The TiAL Q is the first redesign in 9 years for their BOV. Due to a V-band weld flange, the TiAL Q has a very clean and unique appearance. It is the highest flowing BOV on the market and is great for low to high boost applications.

National Speed eStore - Hawk HPS Pads

Hawk High Performance Street Pads

Hawk has always been synonymous with braking performance. With their unique Ferro-Carbon compound, Hawk’s Street series brake pads combine performance with extended pad life. Aftermarket pads are inexpensive and are a must for any modified car.

National Speed eStore - Powerslot Performance Rotors

Powerslot Performance Slotted Rotors

Excessive heat can cause resins in your brake pads to vaporize. As brake pads wear, the used material turns into a fine dust which can inhibit braking power. Forget all that and invest in some Powerslot Slotted Brake Rotors. Powerslots exclusive Vac-U-Slots are machined to evacuate all that harmful gas and dirt for enhanced stopping power.

National Speed eStore - Russel Stainless Steel Lines

Russel Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Why should I get stainless steel brake lines? That’s a question I hear all the time. Stainless Steel lines don’t swell like rubber lines, so they firm up your brake pressure. If you do off-road driving, stainless lines can also protect your lines from being punctured as well. Plus…they look awesome.