Porsche 997.1 Turbo – Water to Air

997 Turbo | Porsche : January 8, 2019

Let's say ambient temperature is 68° F -- would you think that repeatable 45° F intake air temperature is viable on a turbocharged street car? Seems counter intuitive at first thought, but that's the exact result we delivered for Jerry's Porsche 997.1 Turbo.
One thing that's sure to kill performance is elevated IATs (intake air temperature). It's the reason that forced induction systems employ intercoolers -- colder air is denser air, and denser air is more conducive to power. With insufficient charge air cooling, the car may feel like hell on wheels for the first couple pulls, but fall flat once the IATs rise -- an issue that Jerry was tired of encountering with his beautiful Forest Green Metallic 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo Tiptronic while hot lapping at the drag strip.

So, Jerry came to us with a pretty cool request: get the IATs down, keep them down, and turn the wick up! While upgraded stock location air-to-air intercoolers was a no-brainer, Jerry had an even better idea -- integrate an auxiliary water-to-air intercooler system. With no off-the-shelf product to turn to, Jeremy got to work custom fabricating the water-to-air intercooler system -- custom FLUIDYNE High Performance heat exchanger, turbocharger intakes, cold-side Y-pipe with integrated intercoolers, "frunk" mounted intercooler reservoir, properly spec'd intercooler pump, routing the intercooler fluid hoses along the OEM hoses & fabricating protective guards across exposed areas, and all the wiring & odds-and-ends to bring it all together.

With the stock location air-to-air intercoolers installed, water-to-air intercooler system fabricated, we strapped the 997.1 down on the dyno to put it all to the test. The results? Well, check out plot 4 in the attached datalog screenshot: with ambient temperature of 67.77° F (see dyno graph for conditions), IATs at the beginning of the pull were 45.90° F, and only increased to 59.40° F by end of the pull -- an increase of only 13.50° F throughout the run, without any ice in the reservoir!

The real question, is how does this translate to performance? Stock 997.1 Turbo Tiptronics normally lay down around 400awhp & 440lbft on our dyno, and with Vlad calibrating via COBB Tuning's Accessport, he was able to increase output to 558.17awhp & 585.05lbft -- an increase of ~158awhp & ~145lbft! Overall, killer results for this unique project. We can't wait to hear Jerry's results at the strip!




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