Renaissance Red 2020 Toyota GR Supra – EcuTek Tuned

Supra | Toyota : September 4, 2020

Not long ago, BMW/Toyota pushed an updated flash to all A90 Supras which locked the ECU from OBDII port tuning. In response, we got to work on finding a solution, and we are now happy to offer in-house ECU unlocking services for A90 Supras!

And after owning his Renaissance Red 2020 Toyota GR Supra for several months, Mark got the itch for more performance, and decided to bring his A90 in for the first round of modifications, and be our first ECU unlock customer!

Up first, John strapped her down for baseline dyno runs, coming in at 344.92whp & 388.35lbft. From there, TJ pulled the ECU for shipping to HQ for Vlad to perform the bench ECU unlock, and then got busy installing the down-pipe from Extreme Turbo Systems connecting to a beautiful titanium exhaust system from Akrapovic Exhaust System, topped off with an upgraded 3-row heat exchanger from FLUIDYNE High Performance to keep the IATs in better check, especially during these hot summer months.

After overnight ECU unlock turnaround and the mechanical work wrapped in the shop, John strapped her back down to the rollers for Vlad to perform a custom dyno calibration via EcuTek Technologies Ltd. Even fighting octane limitations with Wawa 92 octane in the tank, Vlad was still able to increase the B58's output to 418.62whp & 497.30lbft -- a gain of 74.70whp & 108.95lbft! We typically see 440-450whp & 530-540lbft with this combination, so we look forward to retesting once Mark has some better fuel in the tank.

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