Roadmice: Forget Surfing the Web, Drive it Instead.

Uncategorized : December 17, 2008

It’s holiday season folks, I saw this and had to post about it! “RoadMice” is what it’s called, and I think it’d be a great stocking stuffer for whomever automotive inclined you decide to get it for. Basically it’s a mouse styled to look like a car. There’s no two ways around it.

National Speed - Mustang Roadmouse

It’s got your standard left and right click mouse features (Minus you Mac weirdos…kidding.) and a scroll wheel, but the way it portrays it is SO much cooler. Right and left click are on the appropriate side of the hood on each vehicle, and it’s styled to represent a cowl induction hood. (On the Camaros at least) The scroll wheel glows red and looks akin to a blower sticking out the hood. Another nice touch is fully functioning headlights (Which can be turned off).

National Speed - Camaro Back Roadmouse

Each car is Officially Licensed by the respective companies and they come in, but are not limited to, a wide range of GM, Dodge, Ford and Chevy flavors. No imports yet guys, sorry. Each mouse is wireless and uses a USB receiver to function and has an accurate 800dpi. Each Roadmouse comes with an Individual VIN and personalized Registration and Title.

National Speed - RoadMouse Charger Police

A Roadmouse would be the perfect Holiday gift for the auto lover in your family. If a Roadmouse isn’t quite their style, they also offer USB Flash Drives and Mouse Pads which are emblazoned with whatever Domestic vehicle you choose. Prices for each car are $44.99. Give Roadmice a shot!