National Speed Christmas List: Performance Parts for Subaru Owners

Uncategorized : November 7, 2008

With Christmas time right around the corner, we here at National Speed have compiled a list of gift ideas specifically for Subaru owners.

Factory Top Mount got you down? Stock Blow off valve just not cutting it? Perhaps you’re looking for some coilovers to slam your car and go terrorize a road course. Whatever your fancy, the National Speed eStore has what you’re looking for.

National Speed eStore - Perrin Front Mount Intercooler

Perrin Front Mount Intercooler

One problem with the EJ series motors is that the factory Top Mount Intercooler is inefficient with any aftermarket compressors. Don’t worry, we have what you’re looking for. We now carry a full line of Perrin products and one item in particular is the Perrin Front Mount Intercooler relocation kit. You can not only gain horsepower and torque from a more efficient design, but give your Subie an aggressive smile as well. These kits support up to 1000 Horsepower and offer less than a 1/4psi drop across the core at 20psi.

National Speed eStore - GT35R kit

GT35R Kit

I know what you’re really looking for… How does 500 All Wheel Horse Power sound? Agency Power has released arguably the best GT35R kit for any WRX or STi, and we have it in stock. The Agency Power GT35R kit is designed to maximize performance for street, drag, or road racing. The oil and water cooled Garrett GT35R is a ball bearing turbo that has a .63a/r for a quick spool, and includes a 84 trim wheel. The kit includes all the necessary lines and hoses needed to fit the factory connections. Not only will this kit make huge power, but it is also compatible will all of the popular Front Mount and factory Top mount intercoolers.

National Speed eStore - Stoptech Big Brake Kit

StopTech Big Brake Kit

With all that AWD power, now you need something to stop all of it. Utilizing massive 380mm rotors and six pistons, the StopTech Big Brake Kit has enough power to stop a freight train. Not only will this give your Subaru ultimate hard parking status, but you will get vastly shorter stopping distances, better brake modulation, firmer brake pedal feel and less brake fade when you take it to the track. We have many different size brake kits to suit specifically what you need.

National Speed eStore - COBB Tuning Street Brakepads

COBB Tuning Pads

If you aren’t willing to fork out the cash for a full Big Brake Kit, you can still gain braking force by upgrading to a set of COBB Tuning brake pads. Designed for street use, COBB Tuning Street Formula Brake Pads are the best balance of performance pad without excessive noise, brake dust, or rotor wear.

National Speed eStore - Perrin STIFFI


For you STi guys that still have the factory spoiler, want something to help that annoying vibration out? We now carry the very helpful Perrin “STIFFI” to eliminate wing flex. Add 4 or 5 to get that authentic WRC look! Plus…Who doesn’t want a STIFFI?

This holiday season, the National Speed eStore has you covered, check us out!