Thomas Burgess: Performance Technician

Our-People | Richmond : February 28, 2020

After getting out of the Army in 2016, Thomas went on to pursue his passion of working on cars. To build a strong foundation, he kicked off his career working as a general technician to gain the necessary skills to achieve his true goal: high-performance automotive work. During this time, he worked as a Lead Technician for multiple shops, where he earned a reputation as a top diagnostic specialist, positioning him for his transition into high-performance work as a Technician/Builder for Daniel’s Performance Group building restomods. From there, Thomas was ready to shoot for the next goal in his career: to work as a technician for PhantomWorks. After joining up with them, he went on to execute many incredible builds, including Sean Tuohy’s 1969 Chevrolet Camaro restomod. Along the way, Thomas also built a variety of personal projects including his fully built turbocharged EJ1 Honda Civic, a built Neon SRT-4, and a built Caliber SRT-4. Equipped with this impressively diverse background, it’s obvious why Thomas is such an incredible fit as Performance Technician for National Speed!

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