TJ Payne: Performance Technician

Our-People | Richmond : March 20, 2020

A lifelong gearhead, TJ knew at an early age that he wanted a career working on cars, with an end goal of full-time high-performance work. As a result, he wasted no time and went straight to NTI out of high school, and then went on to pursue his career as an automotive technician. From there, he would go on to work as Team Lead & Technician for Infiniti, Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, an independent European automotive shop, and in addition to experience as a dealership technician, also gained fabrication skills along the way. During this time, TJ did performance work on the side, building a broad variety of cars ranging from an E55 AMG to a Mazda RX-7. In addition, he also built various personal projects including his all-motor ED8 Honda CR-X, ’90 S10 with a 350cid SBC swap, ’89 Camaro that underwent various transformations, leading up to his current project, his ’97 Nissan Hardbody that he’s in the process of LSx swapping. With a strong combination of both professional technician experience and high-performance automotive knowledge, TJ is an incredible addition to the National Speed team!

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