V8 Powered Lotus Extrema

Uncategorized : February 13, 2009

This is quite possibly the most entertaining deathtrap ever created. Can you imagine 638HP in a 2,138lb package? That’s around 3.3lbs per horsepower. To put that into comparison the Bugatti Veyron has a P/W ratio of 4.1lbs. UK Garage decided to give the Lotus Exige a “little” boost in power.

Based on the Lotus Exige chassis, UK Garage widened and stretched it to make more room for tires and a couple interesting powerplant choices. First off, the 190HP 2ZZ-GE in the original Exige was no powerhouse, but the Exige only weighed 2015lbs, so it didn’t need much to get moving along.Power to weight ratio for this vehicle was key, and handling is similar to a gocart on steroids.

UK Garage didn’t think that 190HP was enough so they have an option of a GM-sourced Turbo 2.8l pushing out 350HP and weighing in at just 1800lbs. 350 horsepower, only 1800lbs to move around and 5.1lbs per horsepower? Now we’re talking. That’s better power/weight than a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640. That not enough motor for you? How about 360HP, 450, 500, 520? 520 still not enough?

Alrighty, well how about the big dog. UK Garage offers the 638HP Supercharged LS9 from the ZR1. With 638 Horses and only 2138lbs to move around, this is definitely a package that would make Neil Armstrong go [Ho-Lee-Chit.] UK Garage claims the LS9 Powered model will scoot to 60 in under 3 seconds and 100mph in under 7 seconds. That’s on your way to a top speed of 200mph.

I’ll let you sink that information in for a moment…okay. Along with all the motor choices UK Garage offers a few options. They include: Manual or Sequential transmission, along with an Ohlins suspension, four-piston AP racing brakes and rollcage.

Prices start at €66,000 [Euros] or $86,000 for a base model ready to roll out the door. God knows what pricing jumps to after you load one up with an LS9 and other goodies. Either way, if you want the quickest, funnest trip to the grave, here’s your vehicle. This thing will catapault you into hyperspace in no time.