2013 Cadillac CTSV – Intercooler & Tune

Jason just picked up this beautiful MT6 Thunder Gray ChromaFlair 2013 Cadillac CTS-V, and brought it in because it felt a little down on power. Upon investigation, we discovered two things: one, power was definitely off for the modifications performed, laying down only 536whp/542lbft. That, and with IAT2s at nearly 200° F, we knew what must be going on: collapsed intercooler brick, which we verified shortly thereafter.

Once we installed the repaired/reinforced intercooler brick, power came up to 575/565lbft, and then after dialing in the calibration via HP Tuners, power jumped to 633whp/639lbft! 97whp/97lbft gain from correcting a cooling deficiency, and a performing a proper calibration. Wild results!

Two, this V is sitting on a set of reworked OEM wheels — the exact setup which we pioneered back in 2010! This basically entails widening the front wheels to run on the rear, moving the rears up front, and all the bits-and-pieces necessary to execute. Check out the original build thread from 2010: https://ls1tech.com/…/1280217-national-speed-2009-cadillac-…

Overall a killer car, and fantastic results!

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