2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat | Stage-1 to Stage-2 Stock Supercharger Upgrade

Challenger | Dodge : February 7, 2022

Greg brought in his 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat early last year for our Stage-1 Stock Supercharger Package. After getting used to that additional power, he decided to take it up another notch and pull the trigger on upgrading to Stage-2!

With our performance packages, Stage-1 is a stepping stone to Stage-2 and up! All parts installed in the first round of work support what is done in Stage-2.

Parts installed this time around:
  • Kong Performance Supercharger snout, housing and bearing plate 5-axis CNC porting service
  • Kong Performance 108mm Throttle Body
  • Stainless Works 3 inch mid-pipe with GESi G-Sport UHO Catalytic Converters
  • High Horse Performance, Inc. Crank Pinning Kit
After Tim finished up the install in the shop, John strapped the Hellcat to the rollers so Vlad could perform a custom calibration. With the additional Stage-2 modifications, the output increased to 804.86whp and 692.42wtq!