Make Your Minivan Sexy: Mugen Body Kit For Honda Odyssey

Gear and Tech : November 14, 2008

A van with sex appeal? Yes, please.

National Speed Mugen Odyssey closeup

You know, I’ve always thought the best bet was to go hang out in front of Walmart in my moms minivan to pick up chicks. I guess there isn’t much appeal to a fat guy with an Afro chilling in a rusty 1982 dodge caravan. It appears Honda tuner Mugen has noticed my pleas for help and produced something especially for guys like me.

Mugen has released the a shmexy body kit for the newly released 2009 Honda Odyssey. Some of you may think it sounds silly dressing up a minivan, but in my opinion it’s awesome.

National Speed Mugen Odyssey three quarter

National Speed Mugen Odyssey Rear

Leaving the stock 203hp motor alone, Mugen focuses on the Odessey’s exterior. Modifications include a new grille, new front and rear fascia, sideskirts, baller 18″ wheels, slotted rotors, floor mats, sport exhaust and a new spoiler. Expect a price around $2,500. Not a bad price to pay for a badass grocery hauler.