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Baller F-Sport Products for the Lexus GS and IS Vert

Gear and Tech : February 18, 2009

F-Sport has finally expanded it’s already ridiculously awesome product line to include the Lexus GS, IS C and the IS AWD models. The F-Sport line (parts derived or inspired by the Lexus IS-F) has only encompassed the IS250 and IS350 line, but now you can have all of the previously exclusive and ballertastic parts on […]

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V8 Powered Lotus Extrema

Gear and Tech : February 13, 2009

This is quite possibly the most entertaining deathtrap ever created. Can you imagine 638HP in a 2,138lb package? That’s around 3.3lbs per horsepower. To put that into comparison the Bugatti Veyron has a P/W ratio of 4.1lbs. UK Garage decided to give the Lotus Exige a “little” boost in power. Based on the Lotus Exige […]

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Feel The Power Between Your Legs

Gear and Tech : February 11, 2009

Want to feel the power between your legs? Mission Motors has you covered, recently unveiling an electric crotch rocket capable of going 150 mph. Read on for specs and pics.

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Turn Your Car Into Furniture

Gear and Tech : February 10, 2009

Ever thought about placing a Motor in the middle of your living room? How about putting YOUR rear end in the rear end of a car?…in your kitchen. In order to get as much automotive paraphernalia as you can in your life, you need to bring some of these unorthodox contraptions into your home.

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