Buying a Premodded Car: Not always the smart choice

Editorial : December 23, 2008

Most of the time, buying a car with some minor mods isn’t a problem. It’s only later down the road when you wish you would’ve spent the extra money doing something yourself.

National Speed - Busted Ass Car 1

It’s not so bad buying a vehicle Pre-modded, but of course that goes into how deep the car has been tampered with before you got it. It’s different if you had a hand in building it or knew the people that built it, and sure you’ll save money by buying Pre-modded…but in the long-run it’s almost ALWAYS better to do it yourself.

National Speed - Busted Ass Car 2

Trying to fix something when you have no idea who or how someone else installed something is pretty agitating. At first it’s not too bad, but after a while you start to notice that whoever installed certain things might not have been exactly up to par with what you originally thought.

National Speed - Busted Ass Car 3

If anything, the satisfaction of doing something yourself should be worth it. Being able to take a step back, look at your car and realize that everything that’s been done to your car was of your own doing is an awesome sensation. My advice to you is even though you can save money by buying something already built, you’ll have a lot more appreciation for your vehicle in the long run by doing it all yourself.